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Class of 2000 Prospects

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Matt Shirley
Brandon Crump
Scott Merritt
Terry Sanders
Jared Jeffries
Mauricio Branwell
Ellis Myles
Adam Boone
Cory Hightower
Luke Dwyer
David Rottinghaus
Jeff Carlson
Brett Watson
Todd Townsend
Barry Thompson
Jared Reiner
Jon Godfread
Jonathon Woods
Jabbar Williams
Bryan Bedford
Randy Holbrook
Ryan Shriver
Trevor Simmons
Jay Anderson
Jason Edwin
Johnnie Selvie
Terrance Crawford

-MARTELL BAILEY 6'0 PG, Chicago(IL) Westinghouse
Top 200 HS
   Bailey is part a a dynamo backcourt at Westinghouse with Cedrick 
Banks.  He is a spark plug type, who is more effective at taking the 
ball to the hole than shooting.  He is lightning quick.  ISU is in 
touch, as Bailey is one of the better point guards left.  Schools 
involved- UIC, Notre Dame, UTEP, UNLV, Rutgers, Loyola, ISU

-CEDRICK BANKS 6'3 WG/PG, Chicago(IL) Westinghouse
Top 30 HS
   Banks is one of the most talented players in the country, however,
he has got to put academics in front of basketball.  He's no sure shot
to qualify, so many teams are reluctant to get involved.  He has lead 
a minimally talented Westinghouse team to an AAU championship and a 
CPL title.  Westinghouse(no players taller than 6'3) is one of the top
5 teams in the country.  Schools involved- JUCOs, DePaul, ISU, Minn,
UIC.  ISU has a shot if they are willing to hang on for a qualifying score.

-MAURICE SEARIGHT 6'2 PG, Orchard Lake(MI) St. Mary's
Top 100 HS
   Searight is one of the most talented seniors left at this juncture,
and ISU is keeping in touch just in case there is an NBA defection. 
He plays AAU ball for "The Family", and has played the nation's top 
PG, Marcus Taylor to a near draw a few times this season.  Searight 
has some work to do to qualify, but if he does, ISU is very 
interested.  Schools involved- ISU, Cincy, Michigan, many others.

-JOHNNIE SELVIE 6'7 BF/WF, Southeastern(IA) CC
Top 50 JC
   Selvie is a very athletic big man who can get it done offensively 
down low, but has the athleticism to guard the perimeter.  He is a 
former teammate of Iowa signee Rob Griffin, and a target of the Hawks.
Schools involved- Iowa, ISU, TCU, Kansas State, Illinois-Chicago

-JASON EDWIN 6'6 WF, Warsaw(IL) High
Top 125 HS
   Edwin has received mixed reviews from coaches and analysts.  Bob 
Gibbons likes him enough to name him the #49 senior.  He is a native 
of the Virgin Islands, and has been declared ineligible to play in 
Illinois because of his non-resident status.  Rumor has it that he may
open enroll to nearby Keokuk(IA) High to play basketball.  He plays 
all five positions for his high school team.  Schools involved- Iowa 
leads ISU, Penn State, Purdue, and several others.12-5-99...

-JOHNNIE GILBERT 6'7 BF, Minneapolis(MN) John Henry
Top 150 HS
   Gilbert has the body to play down low in any conference in America,
but some observers question his basketball skills.  Others absolutely
love his game, many college coaches included.  ISU may push hard for 
Gilbert if some of their original targets go elsewhere.  He is an AAU
teammate of Jake Sullivan and Andy Skogland.  Schools involved- ISU, 
Marquette, Minnesota, Ohio State, and others.9-14-99...HEADED

-MATT SHIRLEY 6'8 WF/BF, Meriden(KS) High
Top 300 HS
    ISU's most powerful recruiting tool with Matt Shirley also happens
to be an integral part of the team, his brother Paul.  ISU has a great
chance to land Shirley, who not surprisingly is an outstanding student.
Matt is a combo forward who can light it up from long range, but has a
nice array of post moves to go along with that.  Schools involved- ISU
leads KSU and others.

-BRANDON CRUMP 6'10 BF/C, Houston(TX) Klein
Top 150 HS
   Crump is 6'10, but weighs a mere 190 lbs.  If he hopes to play big
time college ball, he'll need to put on some weight.  He is a sleeper,
but has outstanding athleticism.  He can run the floor with the best 
of the guards.  He averaged 19 points and 7 rebounds last season.  He 
is academically qualified.  Schools involved- Baylor and ISU lead KSU,
TAMU, Fresno St., Oregon State, Vandy, and many more.10-13-99...ISU never 
showed enough interest to merit a visit.12-5-99...SIGNED WITH

-SCOTT MERRITT 6'10 BF/C, Milwaukee(WI) Wauwatosa East  
Top 100 HS
   Merritt proved to be a big time recruit at The Speice Tournament 
held for top underclassmen during May.  He held his own against some 
tough forwards.  He has an offensive game to die for with a sweet 
little turnaround "J" from the block.  He should be a fairly highly 
rated prospect.  Schools involved- Northwestern, Ohio State, ISU, 
Marquette, West Virginia, others.8-6-99...Merritt has cut his 
list to 6; Marquette, Northwestern, West Virginia, ISU, Ohio State, 
and Tennesse.  He is apparently exicited about the possibility of 
joining a highly rated incoming class at ISU which now includes Ernest
Brown, because ISU had all but dropped off of his radar screen just 
weeks ago.9-14-99...VERBALLED TO MARQUETTE

-TERRY SANDERS 6'8 WF, Chatham(VA) Hargrave Military Academy
Top 150 HS
   Sanders is actually a product of Milwaukee's Vincent High which 
last year produced superstar Marshall Williams.  He chose to attend 
Hargrave because he wanted to play a higher level of Division I ball.
He averaged 13 points and 8 rebounds last year, but would have had 
much better stats had he not played on the same team with Williams.  
He is very athletic and could play either forward position because of 
his size.  He has had an outstanding summer, and some big-time schools 
are now trying to get involved.  He plans to sign this fall.  Schools 
involved- Virginia, Cincy, Rutgers, Marquette, ISU, Michigan, North
Carolina State.  There is no leader.10-13-99...HEADED TO MARQUETTE

-JARED JEFFRIES 6'9 WF/BF, Bloomington(IN) North
Top 10 HS
   Jeffries is perhaps the most complete forward in the class of 2000.
He is a solid top 10 prospect who is getting interest from some top 
schools.  Offensively, Jeffries has shown some strong post moves 
against some top forwards in the class.  He's an asset defensively 
also, as he's a great shot blocker.  Schools involved- UCONN, Mizzou, 
ISU, Iowa, UNC, UK, Ohio State, Michigan State, and Indiana.
10-13-99...Jeffries final four are Indiana, Duke, FSU, and USC.

-MAURICIO BRANWELL 6'8 BF, Washington(DC) Archbishop Carroll
Top 200 HS
   Branwell is a bit of a sleeper, but a strong player nonetheless.  
He was honorable mention All-DC in his junior season.  Look for 
interest on this defensive stopper to pick up in his senior season.  
Scouts haven't had much of a chance to see him because of an injury 
last summer.  With increased visibility, I believe his ranking should
skyrocket.  Schools involved-Georgetown, George Washington, ISU, NCSU

-ELLIS MYLES 6'7 WF/BF, Compton(CA) High
Top 150 HS
   Myles is truly a power forward, but has worked hard as of late to 
develop a consistent three point shot.  It would be nice to get a 
recruiting pipeline going to Compton, CA, as they produce several high
DI players per year.  Schools involved- Georgia, Georgia Tech, ISU, 
USC, New Mexico, Wyoming, Oregon State, Miami.8-18-99...ISU has 
stopped recruiting Myles.3-9-00...In a strange twist of fate, ISU 
has resumed recruiting Myles, and according to Dave Telep, have 
offered a grant.  I assume this means Ernest Brown is going pro.  The
other schools Myles is looking at are Southern Cal(offer), Oregon 
State(offer), and possibly UCONN.  Many other schools had been 
interested.3-19-00...Myles says he is still interested in ISU,
USC, UCONN, Alabama, and to a lesser extent, Wyoming and Oregon State.

-ADAM BOONE 6'2 PG/WG, Minnetonka(MN) High
Top 50 HS
    If nothing else, Adam Boone could help raise the team GPA.  This 
straight "A" student is also a stealthy gunner from long range.  He 
is also quick enough to run the point in college.  Adam is a member 
of the Howard Pulley Panthers AAU squad along with fellow ISU recruit
Jake Sullivan.  He is planning on making an unofficial visit to ISU 
this summer with Jake.  Schools involved- Northwestern, Minnesota, 
ISU, Iowa, Wisconsin, Kansas State, Texas A&M, and others.
Not an ISU target.12-5-99...SIGNED WITH UNC

-CORY HIGHTOWER 6'8 WG, Indian Hills CC (via Durham, NC)
Top 3 JC
    Hightower is one of the better offensive players in the JUCO ranks,
but isn't on top of his game defensively.  He needs to add some weight,
and improve his game defensively in order to make a major impact on 
the Division I level.  There is no question that every coach drools 
over the offensive skills this kid has.  At 6'8, he towers over 
everyone else in the backcourt.  Cory isn't much of a student either,
so he might end up in the NBA a little early.  Schools involved- ISU,
Michigan, NBA, others.10-13-99...Hightower is NBA-bound in my 
opinion.12-5-99...SIGNED WITH TCU

-LUKE DWYER 6'6 WG, Topeka(KS) West
Top 200 HS
   Dwyer is the star of the Team Kansas AAU team.  He is a great 
penetrater offensively, and could grow into a forward.  He's a very 
streaky shooter from downtown.  His biggest asset might be his size.  
Schools involved- ISU, KU, Texas Tech, Notre Dame

-TREVOR SIMMONS 6'7 WF, Maple Valley(IA) High
Top 300 HS
   Simmons is the one Iowa player that Larry Eustachy is most 
interested in.  He has had a very good summer with Martin Bros. AAU
basketball team as one of the better players.  Schools involved- ISU, 
Illinois State, and numerous small DI schools.

-RYAN SHRIVER 6'8 BF, Salina(KS) South
Top 200 HS
   Shriver is a very solid rebounder who has done nothing but improve 
his standing over the summer.  His sister Alyssa plays for the ISU 
women's team.  Schools involved- KSU, ISU, and many others.8-3-99...
Shriver's solid summer has cemented him in as the top player in 
Kansas.  ISU leads and has offered.11-6-99...ISU hasn't been in
contact for quite some time.  HEADED TO WESTERN ILLINOIS 

-JAY ANDERSON 6'9 BF/C, Faribault(MN) High
Top 300 HS
   Anderson's best asset is his ability to finish in the lane.  He has
soft hands and an even softer touch.  Much like current Cyclone Paul
Shirley.  ISU has a great chance to land Anderson if they choose.  He 
has a 3.4 GPA and scored a 21 on his ACT.  Schools involved- ISU, San
Jose State, Minnesota, KSU, UNC-Wilmington, Evansville, UNI, Oregon

-DAVID ROTTINGHAUS 6'5 WF, Charles City(IA) High
Top 300 HS
   Rottinghaus is probably the second best junior in the state to 
West's Glenn Worley.  He is a perimeter player despite his size, and 
averages over 20 points a game.  Rottinghaus is the second leading 
scorer for the Martin Brothers AAU team.  Schools involved- ISU, Iowa,
Arizona State, Kansas State, Notre Dame.12-5-99...SIGNED WITH

-JEFF CARLSON 6'5 WG, Sioux City(IA) East
Top 400 HS
   Carlson is a big guard prospect who shoots the long ball extremely 
well(over 40%).  He single handedly brought East a top 10 ranking.  
UNI is the biggest player in his recruitment.  Schools involved- UNI,
ISU, Iowa, Wyoming, SMS

-BRETT WATSON 6'5 WF, Elk-Horn Kimballton(IA) High
Top 400 HS
   Watson's stats seem to be a bit inflated because of the league he 
plays in, but 33 points a game is still something to brag about.  He 
led his team to a 22-2 record this season.  ISU has been in touch.  
Schools involved- ISU, UNI, Iowa, Drake, Creighton, Navy

-TODD TOWNSEND 6'6 WF, Chicago(IL) Morgan Park
Top 400 HS
   Townsend is a prototypical swingman for the college game.  He is 
receiving some mid-major interest.  Schools involved- ISU, Iowa, 
Illinois, Illinois St., DePaul, Northwestern 

-BARRY THOMPSON 6'6 WF, Winchendon(MA) Prep
Top 150 HS
   Thompson plays both forward positions for his high school team, but
small forward will likely be his position in college.  He has a good
perimeter game to go along with some power.  Schools involved-ISU, 
Wisconsin, Marquette, Bradley, Indiana State.8-17-99...Thompson
has transferred to Winchendon Prep in Massachusetts to get his 
academics in order.  It should also help to increase his visibility at
the national level.  At this point, ISU is very involved, and has 
offered a scholarship.  His revised schools list is now ISU, UMASS, 
and Marquette leading OU and Tennessee.

-JARED REINER 6'11 C, Tripp(SD) Tripp-Delmont High
Top 200 HS
   Reiner is a small town South Dakota kid with big time skills.  Much
of the Big 12 is after this talented post player.  Schools involved-
Minnesota, ISU, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, many others.

-JON GODFREAD 6'11 C, Grand Forks(ND) Red River High
Top 400 HS
   Godfread is a teammate of of Jared Reiner on the AAU Dakota 
Schoolers.  He is a bit of an unknown quantity, as he hasn't developed
yet.  He is thought of as a project.  After this summer we will know
how good he can be.  Schools involved-Clemson, ISU, N.C. State, Iowa,
Wake Forest, Northwestern, Kansas State, Texas, Florida, Utah, Oregon,
and Creighton.

-JONATHON WOODS 6'7 BF, Harvey(IL) Thornton
Top 300 HS
   Jonathon Woods is an outstanding rebounder for a high school player.
He would fit into Coach Eustachy's style of play very nicely.  He is a
hard worker in the lane.  Schools involved- DePaul, Cincinnati, ISU,
Bradley, Wisconsin, Illinois State, USC, Dayton, Loyola of Chicago 
6-16-99...Woods is likely headed the JUCO route.

-JABBAR WILLIAMS 6'9 BF, Cheyney(PA) Westchester
Top 300 HS
   Williams is a great athlete, no doubt about it.  In fact, he 
supposedly has a 35+ inch vertical jump.  There are big questions 
surrounding Williams academics however.  He will likely need another 
year of prep school to play Division I ball.

-BRYAN BEDFORD 6'4 WF, Racine(WI) Case
Top 300 HS
   Bedford is a solid inside scorer for his size, but needs to work on
his outside shot.  He averaged nearly 15 points a game as a junior, 
and is playing this summer as a part of the Bray Center AAU team.  
Schools involved-Wisconsin, Marquette, Harvard, ISU, Minnesota, 
Auburn, Creighton, and many others.

-RANDY HOLBROOK 6'8 BF, Kirkwood(MO) High
Top 300 HS
   Holbrook is more of a project.  He has all of the athletic skills, 
but needs to become more of a basketball player instead of an athlete.
He is being chased by several quality schools.  Schools involved-Notre
Dame, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma, Mizzou, Kansas State, Kentucky, ISU, 
and others

-TERRANCE CRAWFORD 6'5 WG/WF, Oklahoma City(OK) Bishop McGuinness
Top 100 HS
   Crawford is a tall, rangy perimeter player who can bury the three 
ball.  ISU has expressed some interest, but Crawford will be tough to 
get away from Oklahoma and OSU.  He is a top recruiting target for 
both schools.  Schools involved- OU, OSU, ISU, and others

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