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Class of 2001 Prospects

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IL PG Jason Straight
MN C  Rick Rickert
MN WG Maurice Hargrow
IA BF Rob Kampmann
IA PG Tyler McKinney
IN BF Aaron Paterson
IA BF C.J. Barkema
SD PG Josh Mueller
IA WF Ryan Galloway
JC C  Jonathan Oliver
TX PG Terrance Ford
KY PG Adam Chiles
OK C  David Schaefer
CA PG Joe See
KS BF Dennis Latimore
TX PG Carlos Hurt
AZ C  Channing Frye
IL C  Eddie Curry
IN PG Brandon McKnight
WI PG Travis Diener
JC C Trevor Harvey
IA BF Jared Homan
KS PG Jeff Hawkins
IL PG Luther Head

-JASON STRAIGHT 5'11 PG, Chicago(IL) Dunbar
Top 75 HS
   Straight put up monster numbers in the CPL his junior season by 
putting up 27 points and 8 assists a game.  He will attend the Adidas
ABCD camp in June.  He unofficially visited ISU for the Cyclone 
Shootout.  He is easily one of the top 10 or so PGs in the class.  
Straight is slightly built at about 165 lbs., so the weight program 
would help him out a ton.  ISU has offered a scholarship.  He seems to
be ISU's top target at PG.  They have a great shot.  Schools involved-
ISU is rumored to lead, but is definitely in the top 4 with Notre
Dame, UCONN, and Illinois.

-RICK RICKERT 6'11 BF/C, Duluth(MN) East
Top 20 HS
   Rickert is undoubtedly ISU's top recruiting target in the Class of
2001.  He has always been mentioned as one of the top big men in this
class, and with a solid summer he'll be a likely McDonald's All
American candidate.  ISU has had several athletes from Duluth East in 
past years.  Rickert is a lanky big man who needs to stay inside to be
effective.  He'll need to add weight to play at the highest level.  
Minnesota and KU aren't being quiet about their desire to have Rickert
either.  Schools involved-Minnesota, KU, and ISU are the three schools
pursuing the hardest.12-12-99...Rickert is attracting some real
attention.  Florida, maybe the nation's hottest recruiting team, will 
make a run for him.  ISU is in good shape.2-1-00...Rickert is 
being heavily recruited by Duke, Michigan State, Florida, Arizona, and
several other big names.  I'm not sure how ISU stands at this point.  
He will likely wait until spring(2001) to make a decision.
4-18-00...Eustachy isn't going to waste his time on Rickert. 
We are a longshot, and our time would be best spent elsewhere.

-MAURICE HARGROW 6'5 WG/WF, Minneapolis(MN) Highland Park
Top 50 HS
   Hargrove is a lanky athletic guard who played for the Howard Pulley
Panthers AAU team this summer.  He is another of ISU's top targets.  
Hargrove brings three point shooting and defense to the table.  
Minnesota is tough to beat if and when it goes after a local product.
This will likely be a dogfight.  Schools involved-ISU, Minnesota, 

-ROB KAMPMANN 6'8 WF/BF, Forest City(IA) High
Top 200 HS
   Kampman is likely Iowa's top prospect in the junior class.  ISU and
Iowa are already duking it out for him with Iowa supposedly the 
leader.  Kampmann has a nice touch on the mid-range jump shot, and 
also happens to be one of the better cross country runners in the 
state.  Schools involved- ISU, Iowa, others.4-30-00...ISU has 
an offer on the table for Kampmann.  He is waiting to see if Iowa 
offers.  With a strong summer for Martin Bros. AAU, this kid could 
explode on the national scene.  I sincerely doubt that ISU pulls the 
offer.  This kid has tons of potential, and is an in-state guy.  The
Iowa State coaches have put in a lot of time on Kampmann.  His game 
is a little like Glen Robinson of the Milwaukee Bucks.  Granted he 
hasn't reached that level, but he can stroke the mid-range face up, 
and occasionally a three, but he can also score inside.  He has a 
very important summer in front of him.  

-TYLER MCKINNEY 6'1 PG, Urbandale(IA) High
Top 200 HS
   Iowa's top guard prospect in the junior class is Urbandale's Tyler
McKinney.  He has played freshman phenom Jeff Horner to a draw in 
their meetings.  McKinney is an outstanding all around athlete.  He
was 1st Team All-CIML as a soph as well as 2nd Team All-State.  ISU is
the leader, but will they offer early?  Schools involved-ISU, Iowa
4-28-00...COMMITTED TO CREIGHTON.  ISU never offered.

-AARON PATERSON 6'7 WF/BF, Indianapolis(IN) Ben Davis
Top 150 HS
   Paterson is in the first tier of high school juniors in the state 
of Indiana along with players like Chris Thomas and Dennis Coutee.  He
is probably more of a true post player, but he wants to play outside.
With a little more consistency on his jumpshot, Paterson could be one
of the better players in the Midwest.  Schools involved- ISU, Purdue,
Iowa, Cincinnati, Syracuse, Xavier, Southern Cal, Evansville, and
Western Michigan.

-C.J. BARKEMA 6'8 BF, Muscatine(IA) High
Top 300 HS
   Barkema is a load in the middle of the lane.  In fact, Dan McCarney
is recruiting him as a TE.  C.J.'s size has given Iowa signee Glen 
Worley fits, as Worley has been completely ineffective against Barkema
in high school play.  Barkema is a tough defender in the post, but his
footwork and offensive skills need some time to develop.  Schools 
involved- ISU, Iowa.4-18-00...I think we can forget about this 
kid as a basketball player.  I think he'll be recruited at the highest
level in football.  Go coach Mac!

-JOSH MUELLER 5'11 PG, Hartford(SD) West Central
Top 100 HS
   Mueller is one of the better point guards in the Midwest, and may 
emerge as the Cyclone's top guard target for the upcoming year.  He 
was in attendance for ISU's 79-66 win over Iowa.  The Cyclones are in 
good position with Mueller.

-RYAN GALLOWAY 6'5 WG, Sioux City(IA) West
Top 300 HS
   Galloway has basketball in his blood.  His older brother, Kyle, is
an ace marksman for the University of Iowa.  Ryan is much in the same
mold as his brother.  He is one of the top 3 juniors in the state.  
Galloway reportedly visited ISU on December 11.  Iowa will be tough to
beat, but with Alford's picky recruiting, they may never offer.  
Schools involved- ISU, Iowa

-JONATHAN OLIVER 6'10 C, Indian Hills(IA) CC
Top 100 JC
   Oliver is an athletic Brooklyn, NY native who knew Ernest Brown as
a kid.  Oliver has struggled a bit at IHCC this year because he is 
playing behind Ernest Brown, Travis Robbins, and Omar Bynum.  Oliver 
had tons of potential, as he has a big frame, and can run the court.  
He will be a nice pickup for a Mid-Major team.

-TERRANCE FORD 5'11 PG, Sugarland(TX) Willowridge
Top 25 HS
   Ford is one of the top guard prospects in the class.  He was 
invited to play at the Adidas ABCD camp last summer, a huge honor for
an underclassmen.  Ford may not even be the best PG prospect in the 
Houston area.  Other top juniors like Carlos Hurt and Daniel Ewing are
right there with him.  A win over Texas certainly wouldn't hurt in 
our recruitment of Ford.  LE is in the door, but Ford hasn't released
a list.

-ADAM CHILES 6'1 PG, Louisville(KY) Ballard
Top 100 HS
   Chiles has it easy as a high school point guard.  He has the luxury
of feeding a future McDonald's All-American, Brandon Bender.  Chiles 
is a fine player in his own right, and has drawn much interest.

-DAVID SCHAEFER 7'3 C, Tulsa(OK) Victory Christian
Top 150 HS
   Schaefer is a project.  In fact, this is only his second year of 
organized basketball.  He is averaging 9.6 pts, 9.8 rebounds, and 7.6
blocks thus far in high school play.  His size alone makes him an 
exciting prospect, and he will likely be highly recruited.  Schools 
involved- ISU, Iowa, Georgetown, Tennessee, Oral Roberts, and Tulsa.

-JOE SEE 6'0 PG, Concord(CA) De La Salle
Top 150 HS
   See projects to be a solid point guard who will get his fair share
of attention from the big boys.  He is averaging nearly 20 points and
5 assists a game.  He also has a 3.5 GPA, and is a lock to qualify.
Schools involved- Stanford, Notre Dame, ISU, Kansas State, Iowa, 
Syracuse, and others.

-DENNIS LATIMORE 6'8 BF, Halstead(KS) High
Top 25 HS
   Dennis was once thought of as one of the top 5 players in the
class.  He has since jumped around the high school circuit, and has 
now moved from Arizona back to Kansas.  He's a very talented 
rebounder, and has the potential to be a dangerous inside threat, a la
Marcus Fizer.  This is the guy KU wants badly.  The big-timers will be
after Latimore.  Schools involved- KU, Arizona, ISU, and many others.

-CARLOS HURT 6'2 PG, Houston(TX) Alseik
Top 15 HS
   Carlos Hurt is a top PG from the Houston Area.  His AAU squad is 
coached by AZ guard Josh Pastner, which gives the Wildcats an 
advantage right off the bat.  He's an all-around player who has drawn
comparisons to Nick Van Exel.  He averaged a little over 18 points per
game last year.  Hurt is widely regarded as one of the top 2-3 PG 
prospects in the class.  Schools involved- Arizona, Duke, KU, UT,
ISU, Iowa, many others.

-CHANNING FRYE 6'10 C, Chandler(AZ) St. Mary's
Top 50 HS
  Channing is one of the premier post players in the class of 2001.  
He has been dominant in early AAU ball.  He's one of the top 10 
centers in the class.  Duke and Arizona are the early leaders.  
Schools involved- Duke, Arizona, UCLA, ISU, ASU, UNC, Michigan State
4-30-00...Word on the street has Frye giving an early verbal to
Arizona.5-3-00...COMMITTED TO UA

-EDDIE CURRY 6'11 C, South Holland(IL) Thornwood
Top 1 HS
   Curry has been the dominant player in this class for a few years. 
He is nicknamed "Baby Shaq" because of his 6'11 270 lbs frame.  The 
NBA is drooling at him.  If he does go to college, it won'te be for 
more than 1 or 2 years.  It is an honor to be mentioned with a kid of
his stature.  Schools involved- His self professed top 9 are UCONN, 
Duke, DePaul, Cincy, Kentucky, KU, Illinois, Iowa State, and UNC.

-BRANDON MCKNIGHT 6'2 PG/WG, South Bend(IN) La Salle
Top 300 HS
   McKnight is an excellent passer.  He was named to the Indiana 
Junior All-Star Team after averaging 21 points, 8 assists, and 7 
boards a game last season.  He could play either guard position, but 
looks like a PG to me.  ISU has offered.  Schools involved- Purdue is
a big leader, but ISU, Iowa, and Notre Dame are involved. 

-TRAVIS DIENER 6'1 PG, Fond Du Lac(WI) Goodrich
Top 150 HS
   Travis is bringing in plenty of attention after a 19 point, 5 
assist per game performance in his junior year.  You won't find him 
compared to Jamaal Tinsley, but maybe Jacy Holloway.  He'll be 
playing plenty of AAU ball this summer for the Playground Warriors.
He also has a brother who is a DI prospect.  Schools involved- ISU, 
Syracuse, Miami(FL), Wisconsin

-TREVOR HARVEY 6'11 C, Marshalltown(IA) CC
Top 25 JC
   Harvey is a Kelvin Cato "Sultan of Swat" type.  He is originally 
from the Bahamas.  He is rough around the edges offensively, but could
step in and play defense right away.  He signed with South Carolina a 
year ago, but ended up at MCC.  He has already visited ISU 

-JARED HOMAN 6'8 BF, Remsen(IA) St. Mary's 
Top 300 HS
   Homan might actually be the best player in the state.  He just 
doesn't get the recognition of a Rob Kampmann.  He could blow up if he
does well at the shoe camps this summer.  He already has a Big 12 body
at 6'8 230.  He is primarily a post player, but has range to 12-15 
feet.  He has visited ISU unofficially, and would like to stay in the
state.  Central Michigan has offered.  Schools involved- ISU, Iowa, 
Central Michigan, Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Creighton, Nebraska, Marquette,

-JEFF HAWKINS 6'2 PG/WG, Kansas City(KS) Sumner
Top 150 HS
   Hawkins might be this year's version of Jake Sullivan.  He can 
score from anywhere.  He might be better suited at the WG spot in 
college, but will get his chance at PG.  He led his team to the state
title last season.  He has quick hands a la Tinsley, and therefore 
gets plenty of steals.  Wisconsin is very interested.  Schools 
involved- ISU, Tulsa, Wisconsin, UCLA, Oklahoma, Notre Dame.

-LUTHER HEAD 6'3 PG, Chicago(IL) Manley
Top 150 HS
   Head is a very good driving PG.  His outside shooting isn't always
great, as he is a little streaky, but he has plenty of upside.  He has
better than average size, which he uses to his advantage when playing
against smaller defenders.  When he gets isolated he'll post up, or 
use his quick first step.  He's good at finishing on the break, and 
all-in-all is a very polished offensive player.  ISU is very 
interested.  He will play with Illinois Fire this summer.  Schools 
involved- ISU, Indiana, Iowa, DePaul, others.