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Class of 2002

-CHRIS HUNTER 6'9 C, Gary(IN) West
Top 50 HS
   Rumors are swirling that Hunter visited ISU for the Cyclone 
Shootout.  He is from the same region as Kyle Brumm, Shane Power, and
Tyray Pearson, so the 'clones are no stranger in this part of the 
country.  Hunter has the frame to be a Big XII center, and he could 
continue to grow.  He could use some work on the fundamentals, but is 
very good for only a sophomore.  Schools involved- ISU, Indiana, 

Top 50 HS
   Cameron and Hunter are teammates in both AAU ball and high school
ball.  It doesn't hurt Iowa State that Shane Power, Adam Schaper, and
Kyle Brumm also played on this AAU team.  Cameron is dynamite.  He is 
very likely the top sophomore in Indiana.  He can flat out shoot, and
really controls the game well.  Everyone is interested.

-JUSTIN JOHNSON 6'8 WF/BF, Merrillville(IN) High
Top 50 HS
   Johnson is an ultra athletic forward, again from Northwest Indiana.
He is said to be the best player in the region since Glenn Robinson.
He's got great size for a wing, has all of the classic fundamentals,
and also plays with great intensity.  His NBA type frame is enough to
keep most teams interested.