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Past Recruiting News

1999 Misses

-MARQUIS DANIELS 6'7 SG/WF, Mt. Zion Christian Academy(Durham,NC)
Top 60 HS
Daniels is a talented wing player who can drop the three and
slash to the hoop. He is also a tough defensive player. Annual
power Mt. Zion's top player this year. Most recruiting sites
have him listed in their top 75. Schools involved-ISU, Michigan,
Central Florida, Florida State???1-18-99>>>Daniels is starting
to move up the charts. I've seen him rated as high as #26
nationally. I'm starting to see him in more Top 50 listings as
well.2-19-99>>>Daniels will be visiting ISU, most likely for the
KU game. He will also visit Michigan and South Florida. However, he
isn't a lock to qualify, so don't get your hopes up.
2-28-99>>>Marquis Daniels took his official visit to ISU this
weekend and saw ISU outlast KU 52-50. He was hosted by Travis Spivey.
He was very vocal supporting the Cyclones, and he really got into the
game. I've heard he had a great weekend. ISU is clearly the team to
beat for this top senior. A committment should be coming soon as he
might cancel his visit to South Florida. Coach Eustachy is probably
praying for Daniels' qualifying test scores to get back.
3-3-99>>>Daniels will likely announce his decision after the
tournament. He has one more visit to take.
3-15-99>>>To the best of my knowledge, Daniels has qualified to
play as a freshman under NCAA rules. A decision between ISU and
Auburn should be coming within 2-3 weeks.
4-1-99>>>Daniels signed with Auburn, but didn't qualify. He's a Prop 48.

-TERRY BLACK 6'5 WF, Indian Hills Community College(Ottumwa, IA)
Top 5 JC
That's right, Terry Black has committed to Baylor, but, Baylor's
coach got canned. Black could be released from his LOI by Baylor
University now. Iowa State was the early favorite for him. I've
heard some rumors about this Milwaukee native. This is purely
speculation, but Terry Carroll has a strong bond with his former
players. Black is a slasher who could also step inside and play some
power forward. His greatest asset is his ability on the fast break.
Black would be a great catch for ISU, and if they have a chance to get
him they'd jump at it. My personal opinion is that Black would start
for the 'clones next year if he came. He's a major impact recruit. I
consider him to be in the same catergory as Antonio Jackson. -NICK COLLISON 6'9 BF, Iowa Falls(IA) High Top 20 HS Committed to KU -KIRK HINRICH 6'3 PG, Sioux City(IA) West Top 100 HS Committed to KU -SHANE SCHILLING 6'6 WF, Minnetonka(MN) High Top 100 HS Committed to Minnesota

1998 Misses

-STROMILE SWIFT 6'9 BF/C, Shreveport(LA) Fair Park Top 5 HS Committed to LSU -MIKE MILLER 6'8 WF, Mitchell(SD) High Top 25 HS Committed to Florida -JEFF BOSCHEE 6'1 PG, Valley City(ND) High Top 50 HS Committed to KU -BRANDON DEAN 6'1 PG, Monroe(LA) Ouachita Parish Top 100 HS Committed to Arkansas -DARIUS LANE 6'4 WG, Fridley(MN) Totino Grace Top 100 HS Committed to Seton Hall -IMMANUEL MCELROY 6'4 PG, Port Arthur(TX) Lincoln Top 100 HS Didn't Qualify -TY SHINE 6'1 PG, Milford(CT) Academy Top 150 HS Committed to Seton Hall -LARRY JENNINGS 6'1 PG, Astoria(NY) St. John's Top 150 HS Committed to St. Joe's -GORDON SCOTT 6'5 WG, Barton County(KS) CC Top 5 JC Committed to Idaho

1997 Misses

-MAURICE EVANS 6'5 WG, Witchita(KS) Collegiate Top 50 HS Committed to Witchita State -JOHNNIE PARKER 6'6 WF, Webster Groves(MO) High Top 50 HS Committed to Mizzou -DAVID ROSS 6'5 WG, Gulfport(FL) Boca Ciega Top 50 HS Committed to South Carolina