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On The Front Burner

   The Burner will keep track of players ISU is most actively 
recruiting.  This should make it a bit easier to pick out the main 
targets from the also-rans.

-JASON STRAIGHT 5'11 PG, Chicago(IL) Dunbar
Top 75 HS - 2001
   Straight put up monster numbers in the CPL his junior season by 
putting up 27 points and 8 assists a game.  He will attend the Adidas
ABCD camp in June.  He unofficially visited ISU for the Cyclone 
Shootout.  He is easily one of the top 10 or so PGs in the class.  
Straight is slightly built at about 165 lbs., so the weight program 
would help him out a ton.  ISU has offered a scholarship.  He seems to
be ISU's top target at PG.  They have a great shot.  Schools involved-
ISU is rumored to lead, but is definitely in the top 4 with Notre
Dame, UCONN, and Illinois.4-30-00...Straight will be playing
this summer for Illinois Gold AAU.  The team also features Eddy Curry,
who figures to be a top NBA draft pick next year.  

-DENNIS LATIMORE 6'8 BF, Halstead(KS) High
Top 25 HS - 2001
   Dennis was once thought of as one of the top 5 players in the
class.  He has since jumped around the high school circuit, and has 
now moved from Arizona back to Kansas.  He's a very talented 
rebounder, and has the potential to be a dangerous inside threat, a la
Marcus Fizer.  This is the guy KU wants badly.  The big-timers will be
after Latimore.  Schools involved- KU, Arizona, ISU, Mizzou, others.
4-30-00...Latimore got his shorts eaten at the Show-Me-Shootout
by David Lee of St. Louis, a Top 25 Junior who I think is very 
underrated.  Latimore was held to 2 points and 11 boards.

-ROB KAMPMANN 6'8 WF/BF, Forest City(IA) High
Top 200 HS - 2001
   Kampman is likely Iowa's top prospect in the junior class.  ISU and
Iowa are already duking it out for him with Iowa supposedly the 
leader.  Kampmann has a nice touch on the mid-range jump shot, and 
also happens to be one of the better cross country runners in the 
state.  Schools involved- ISU, Iowa, others.4-30-00...ISU has 
an offer on the table for Kampmann.  He is waiting to see if Iowa 
offers.  With a strong summer for Martin Bros. AAU, this kid could 
explode on the national scene.  I sincerely doubt that ISU pulls the 
offer.  This kid has tons of potential, and is an in-state guy.  The
Iowa State coaches have put in a lot of time on Kampmann.  His game 
is a little like Glen Robinson of the Milwaukee Bucks.  Granted he 
hasn't reached that level, but he can stroke the mid-range face up, 
and occasionally a three, but he can also score inside.  He has a 
very important summer in front of him.

-BRANDON MCKNIGHT 6'2 PG/WG, South Bend(IN) La Salle
Top 300 HS
   McKnight is an excellent passer.  He was named to the Indiana 
Junior All-Star Team after averaging 21 points, 8 assists, and 7 
boards a game last season.  He could play either guard position, but 
looks like a PG to me.  ISU has offered.  Schools involved- Purdue is
a big leader, but ISU, Iowa, and Notre Dame are involved.