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Recruiting Needs 2000

1 - WG  -ISU needs another wing guard for depth here.  Thomas 
         Watkins, Kantrail Horton, and Brandon Hawkins will be back, 
         but Watkins and Horton are in their final years.  A commit 
         here is needed for the long run.  ISU has met this need with 
         MN WG Jake Sullivan.

2 - WF  -Stevie Johnson will be graduating, but Richard Evans 
         will be back.  Let us not forget the promise Martin Rancik 
         has shown in his first two years as a 'clone.  Eustachy has 
         professed his interest in getting a high quality swingman, 
         which the Big XII has been missing.  ISU finished a close 
         second for Marquis Daniels last season.  As far as targets, 
         ISU has offered Shane Power, Cory Hightower, and Ellis Myles.
         I have reason to believe that ISU is in the driver's seat for
         Hightower, which would give them the strongest JUCO haul in 
         history, with the nation's top two players.  Shane Power is a
         great fit for the ISU program, and a solid kid as well.  
         Myles is the highest profile high school recruit that the 
         clones are still recruiting.  He is very sound fundamentally 
         and could play either forward position. 

1 - BF  -Will he or won't he?  Marcus to the NBA?  Anyhow, big
         men are needed in Ames, as the Cyclones have been a little 
         shallow the past few years.  A good power forward is tough to
         come by, and ISU will need big men badly in years to come.
         ISU has offered both Ryan Shriver and Scott Merritt.  Shriver
         has the body to bang down low, and also the connection to ISU
         (his sister Alyssa plays for the ISU women).  Merritt is a 
         hot commodity on the national scene because of his silky 
         smooth offensive game, however, ISU will have to tear him 
         away from home town favorite Marquette.

2 - C   -ISU hasn't had a dominant center since Kelvin Cato.  I
         think we all know who is waiting to be the next great big 
         man...IHCC C Ernest Brown.  Hopefully he makes it to ISU.  
         The Cyclones have also gotten a commitment from Hopkins, MN 
         native Andrew Skogland

6-23-99...My early predictions for the Class of 2000 are now out. I believe that at least one in-state player will sign with ISU, along with one high impact player(top 10 JC, top 100 HS). Cory Hightower will not be one of those, as I believe he won't ever make it to a four year school. Ernest Brown will sign with ISU, but might never suit up for a game. This class will be 50/50 with high school and JUCO players. Let's wait for these to nip me in the butt.

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