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WG/PG Jake Sullivan

6'1 190 lbs Oakdale(MN) Tartan

    The most highly heralded of ISU's fall signees was Jake Sullivan,
a guard from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  He doesn't look the part,
as a stocky little redhead, but don't let that fool you.  Sullivan 
recently became the second leading scorer in the history of Minnesota
High School basketball.  Tartan High won the Class 4A title under his
leadership.  Jake is the kind of kid you can't get enough of.  He's a 
gym rat, comes from a solid background, and gets good grades.
    Until early last summer, Jake was lightly recruited.  Only a few 
schools were going after him hard.  Among his early suitors were ISU,
Northwestern, Iowa, Missouri, and Temple.  The University of Minnesota
didn't recruit him, although he was a lifelong Gopher fan.  ISU popped
an offer near the end of June.  He committed immediately.  It wasn't
over yet, though, as Jake was the star at the nationwide shoe camps.
Minnesota suddenly offered Jake, followed by North Carolina and UNLV.
Eustachy never gave him a chance to waiver, as Jake signed with ISU in
the Fall Signing Period.
    Jake might be the best pure shooter from the entire high school 
class.  He is a 90% free throw shooter, and hits on more than his fair
share of threes.  For Tartan, he was instant offense.  He was on their
varsity team from eighth grade on.  ISU will look to him for offense.
If he can come in and make some outside shots, then I think he will 
play quite a bit, and possibly start.  I expect him to have a little
trouble adjusting defensively, but Eustachy is a great coach, and I 
think Jake will hold his own.
    Sullivan is probably the recruit that will have the most impact on
the team as a freshman.  If (this is a big if) he can fill the role of
Michael Nurse, ISU should be in the hunt for a league title.  No one 
expects him to do this, but i'm sure he'll give it his best shot.  
This was one great catch for ISU.

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