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PG/WG Jamaal Tinsley

6'2, 190 lbs, Mt. San Jacinto(CA) Community College

Jamaal Tinsley is the most heralded of the new recruits coming in to ISU this fall. His outstanding play earned him Co-Player of the Year honors in his conference. He finished ranked very highly by many recruiting publications, including the #4 position by PrepStars. He has been widely considered the top point guard in the JUCO ranks, although his conference affiliations don't allow him to be named to the All-American teams. Tinsley might be just what the doctor ordered for ISU, who has had trouble finding a consistent point guard ever since the C.J. Bruton debacle. He knows he will face tough competition at ISU, including two top returnees, Michael Nurse and Travis Spivey. Jamaal had an outstanding season last year by averaging 21.5 points, 10 assists, 5 steals, and 4 rebounds a game. He was recruited by several of the big boys, but chose ISU over Syracuse, UNLV, Kansas, Clemson, and TCU. ISU coach Steve Barnes says that the reason that Jamaal was so appealing was that he has the ability to play several different positions, not just point guard. Tinsley has a world of potential. In fact he didn't even play high school basketball in his hometown of Brooklyn, NY. He did however play AAU ball with several future collegians, including UNC's Ed Cota, Colorado's Jaquay Walls, and Syracuse's Allen Griffin. All three have indicated that Tinsley has a chance to be great, and he is in fact a playground legend in New York for his ball handling skills. Cota sums it up best with his quote, "'maal's got mad skills". Here's to that statement being true!

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Photo courtesy of Cyclone Illustrated